DIY Wedding Ideas

Wedding days are one of the few times in life that we can truly splash out and go the whole hog. That said, they can also cause a lot of financial stress and debt, which with careful planning and a bit of ‘doing-it-yourself’, can be avoided. And in addition to making the big day a little more budget-friendly, the DIY-approach can be extremely fun and fulfilling!

So whether you’re planning to add some handmade-touches to your wedding day or looking for an excuse to have a pyjama and crafts night in, here are some ideas to get you on your crafty-way and keep the costs down.


‘Save the Date’ cards and wedding invitations are the first stage of the wedding…but do they really need to have the wow-factor? How many times have you taken the details from an invitation and popped it in your calendar or diary only to misplace the invite itself? Or it sits on a work surface or pinboard collecting dust…

Card and craft shops offer lots of great simplified invitations which you can write or print onto. Or if you’re feeling crafty you can pick up all kinds of pretty paper and bits and pieces to put together your own invitations without spending needless money.


There’s so much inspiration for wedding favours in wedding books, a quick Google search and on websites like Pinterest, so we’ve put together a short list of wedding favours that are affordable and require little effort. We also believe the best wedding favours are those that can be used on the wedding day, or small enough to take away in a clutch bag.

  • Mini bottle of booze – You can get clear glass bottles from Ebay or Amazon for a reasonable price and decanter your favourite drink into them. Pop a pretty piece of string and a label round the neck of the bottle and these can become table place holders or raised for toasts during speeches.
  • Confetti – You can pick up lots of different types on confetti online or have a bash at following a YouTube video to make your own petal confetti (check your wedding venue allows for confetti first!). Mini hessian or organza bags are perfect for sharing your confetti into and can also be picked up in craft stores or online. For a cheaper and as pretty alternative to bags, you can also make paper cones tied with pretty bows to hold your confetti.
  • Bags of mints – Mints are a savour when sat closely at a table or encroaching on personal space to be heard over music on the dance floor! All you’ll need is a bag of imperial mints, some cellophane (search for biodegradable or compostable options), and ribbons.

Table Plan

A decorated A1 board or piece of wood placed on an easel or wooden stand makes for a great table plan. Simply pin your printed table plans onto the board and decorate with real ivy or artificial flowers for a simplistic but elegant option. Empty photo frames also work fantastically. Create little ‘washing lines’ across the frame on to which you can attach your table plans onto with little wooden pegs.


Bouquets alone are expensive and so to fork out for flower arrangements for tables too can really bump the price up! A great way to combat this is get your hands on individual bunches of flowers similar or matching those in the main bouquets and dropping these into empty jam jars or glass vases which can be grouped together in the centre of the tables. Perhaps you have a trusted friend or family member who can put these out for you on the morning of the wedding.


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