Hire A Selfie Pod For Your Next Corporate Event

You’re probably spending big sums of money to plan the perfect corporate event for your brand, and why shouldn’t you? After all, the goal is to gain as much traction as possible as a brand and win hearts.

While you’re at it though, why not make the audience members do the work for you with a selfie pod?

What is a Selfie Pod?

A selfie pod is the latest craze in the corporate branding and advertising world – a fun and laidback alternative to traditional photo booths. Selfie pods are easier to set up and faster to use as well, giving your attendees the ability to take an infinite number of photos and add unique effects on top, much like what you see with selfie apps on smartphones.

Selfies are a raving hit with Brits, and businesses are capitalising on this as we speak. In fact, according to a 2019 report, people in the UK snapped at least 884 photos per year, 468 of which were selfies. That’s over 450 reasons to hire a selfie pod for your upcoming corporate event!

More studies reveal that British folks between 16-29 years of age account for 62% of all selfies. This should give businesses all the more reason to hire a selfie pod, especially if they are planning to host a private corporate party.

Why you should hire a Selfie Pod?

A compact and practical way to get attendees involved

Where conventional photo booths can often be large and bulky, selfie pods are significantly compact in contrast. For many businesses, space is an issue when planning a corporate event, and this is where a selfie pod can prove extremely useful as it allows you to set it up in just about any space.

The only additions you may need is an interesting backdrop or perhaps an iPad sharing station which your selfie pod hire service will provide you with.

Customised branding

Despite how compact a selfie pod is compared to a standard booth, it can still be customised with your branding. This is something you can discuss with your selfie pod hire provider, as attendees uploading selfies to their favourite social media accounts guarantees ‘free’ advertising that your brand can greatly benefit from.

A marketing opportunity unlike any other

The selfie pod trend is catching on fast in 2020, with businesses customising them with their unique logo and branding to further expand their market dominance. This is a superb opportunity to market the brand that no business should pass up. It’s practical, cost-effective and very easy to set up.

Many businesses have benefitted from the free marketing and advertising that selfie pods have provided. Business owners, for example, who have marked a grand opening date on their calendar can benefit from selfie pods to bring the community together and grow awareness around their offerings.

This way, businesses can get attended to post comments and photos on social media, which means free, real-time marketing for the brand.

Get to know more about how a selfie pod can help boost your corporate or promotional event.