How to Smile for the Perfect Photo

Here at Picture Blast we thought we’d offer up some advice on how to make sure you always pose with the perfect smile. It may sound simple but no doubt nearly everyone has looked back at old photos with embarrassment.
Do you spend parties, family gatherings and nights out shying away from the camera? Over the years our photo booth hire attendants have picked up some useful hints and tips we thought you might find useful.

Unless you’ve been blessed with photogenic genes then listen up!


Most people find themselves tensing, puffing out their chest or stretching their neck when in a photo. This often looks awkward and unnatural. Relax (take a deep breath if you need to) and let your natural smile come out. Always imagine a friend or someone you really like is behind the camera.

Find Your Favourite Side

Everyone has a favourite side of their face, and very few people actually have a perfectly symmetrical face.
When in front of the camera tilt your head slightly to your preferred side. However make sure that you are not side on to the camera and looking away.


This should come naturally if you are happy and relaxed. But if not, don’t be afraid to squint your eyes a little bit. No one wants to look like a rabbit in the headlights!

Stop Pouting

Unfortunately you are not a super model. Pouting makes you look like a duck.

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Smiling Too Hard

If you’re having a good night out and naturally laughing then by all means don’t stop yourself from posing with a big smile. However if you’re trying to look natural for an organised photo, a huge cheesy smile often looks unnatural and won’t do you any favours.