New Wedding Trends – Selfie Post Box

New Wedding Trends – Selfie Post Box

Selfies are taking over the world. And now they might be coming to a wedding near you in more ways than one. 

The latest idea is something called a “selfie post box” – literally a hybrid between a regular post-box and a photo booth/selfie camera. 

The way the device works goes something like this:

  1. First guests arrive at your venue bearing cards to wish you and your spouse well in your married life. 
  2. They then post their cards into a receptacle that looks very much like a regular post box. (It even features the classic Royal Mail “Elizabeth Regina” ER II moniker).
  3. After that, they can interact with the touchscreen and a camera on the front of the post-box and record bespoke video messages for the bride and groom. 
  4. The onboard editing tool allows them to add emojis and then instantly send messages via text or email. 

The concept is a lot of fun and adds a new dimension to sending letters. Wedding correspondence is no longer simply a few words on a page, but images, videos and emojis too, enriching the entire experience. With selfie post-boxes, guests can say what they want to the bride and groom without actually having to grab their attention on the day of the wedding. It’s a breakthrough. 

From an entertainment perspective, the idea is genius. For years, vendors have been hiring out photo booths for wedding parties to keep punters happy between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. But it was a very guest-centred experience. It didn’t provide any opportunities to communicate with the bride and groom themselves. 

This selfie post box innovation effectively kills two birds with one stone. Guests get the entertainment that they want, plus the ability to send personalized messages at the same time. 

For large weddings, it is a godsend. It means that guests can communicate their well-wishes without having to grab the bride and groom in person on the big day – something that might be nigh-on impossible when there are hundreds of guests in attendance. 

The booth comes with a battery that the vendors say will power the thing all day. And it also offers guests who haven’t brought cards with them the ability to send texts and emails to the wedding party. 

To make things even more convenient, vendors will usually deliver and collect the devices from your venue, so you don’t have to worry about additional admin. On the inside, you’ll find a secure lockbox you can use to keep all your cards safe. You simply empty the box at the end of the day and then pass the post-box back to the vendor when you’re done. If you’re not keen for guests to send you texts and emails, you can also switch this off in the settings. 

So, in summary, the selfie post box is certainly one of the most interesting innovations we’ve seen in the wedding space in recent years. And it makes a lot of sense on a practical level. Guests need somewhere convenient to put their cards wishing you well. And this device, complete with selfie capabilities, seems like the perfect solution.