O2 – 12 Branded Magic Mirrors with branded prints in stores nationwide


12 x Fully branded Magic Mirrors + Branded prints


12 x O2 stores across England

The launch of the new iPhone was a success with the implementation of fully branded Magic Mirrors in 12 stores on the same day. Our mirrors were equipped with the ability to instantly print branded selfies for customers. To enhance the overall brand experience, bespoke frames were created to complement the mirrors. These frames were designed to match the colors of the brand and were accompanied by matching carpets, ropes, and pull up banners.

The objective was to encourage as many customers as possible to pose with their new iPhone purchases and have their photos instantly printed with the brand’s logo. The results were impressive, with over 2,500 photos taken across the 12 stores nationwide. This not only generated excitement and engagement among customers but also provided the brand with valuable user-generated content that could be shared on social media or used for future marketing campaigns.

Overall, the branded Magic Mirrors and instant prints were a successful marketing strategy for the launch of the new iPhone, helping to create a memorable and interactive brand experience for customers.