Picture Blast Go Green

The environment and climate change is a topic close to many people’s hearts. Recycling and ethically sourced goods are more popular than ever before thanks to a global rally for a greener planet.

With this in mind, Picture Blast have taken the steps to provide guests with the opportunity to have digital copies of their fantastic photos. Booths such as our streamline selfie pod will allow guests the option to choose whether they wish to share their photos via social media, text message or email, helping reduce the amount of paper used throughout their event. These great photo booths still have the option to print your photos for those guests who can’t resist the traditional printed photo.

For corporate businesses and individuals who are conscious about their eco footprint, online photo sharing is the perfect solution for displaying great moments from events. Facebook, Instagram and other social networks are great platforms for displaying your photos and showing friends, family or colleagues the great moments that you have captured.

Not only is digital photo sharing better for the environment, uploading your photos to social media is a great way to store photos without having to buy additional hard drives or cloud storage. Digital photos also take up no space in a traditional sense meaning that there’s no need to store away all your photos in an album or old shoe box.

When you hire a photo booth with Picture Blast, we will email you all the digital images, video messages your guests have recorded for you plus any Boomerang GIFs the Ultimate Selfie Booth has captured.