Top Ten Ways To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Planning your Wedding? Want your guests to be entertained throughout? When it comes to your guests, everyones expectations are always very high. From keeping your guests happy with refreshments and beverages, to ending your big day with a party to end all parties, there’s many ways to fill in the gaps. Here are the Top Ten Best Ways to Keep your Wedding Guests Entertained.


This is more of a traditional option but always goes down well. It keeps your guests entertained throughout the evening and will get their minds working trying to figure out how the tricks are done.


2. Fire Performer
This form of entertainment is bit more modern and out there. Proving to be very popular in recent years, this will definitely have your guest talking about your wedding for years to come for all the right reasons. Not the best for interaction with guests but none the less a spectacular show.


3. Photography
The fun of a Photo Booth at a wedding is endless, a very popular and easy way to get your guests laughing and interacting. Not only does it keep guests of all ages amused throughout the party, but gives photo evidence of the hilarious memories made on your big day. If you like the sound of this look no further than PictureBlast.


4. Performing Waiters
This trend has proven to be very popular over the past couple of years with wedding planners. Fully trained waiting staff serve guests as expected, but when the time is right break out in performance to the surprise of your guest. A very classy way to keep the guests entertained through the duration of the wedding meal.


5. Fireworks Display
There’s no better way to seal the deal between you and your newlywed than a huge firework display to kick off the evening party on your big day. Not only is it a specular sight to see, it will also give a traditional, classy and romantic finale to what will have been the best day of your life with your loved ones.


6. DJ
Having a DJ on your big day is a bit of must, everyones exceptions are high when it comes to music and dancing at a wedding. Proving to be the most popular feature at a wedding party, it’s the best and possibly only way to really get the party started.


7. Live Music
Despite DJs being the most popular way to get guests partying, it still might not be your thing. If so why not go for live music, this brings a more personal form of musical entertainment for guests to enjoy. This is a classic way to transform your wedding party atmosphere in to a lively one.


8. Sweet & Dessert Stand
An easy way to make guests of all ages happy is offering endless sweets and a dessert table. A whole table dedicated to a wide range of speculator sweets and treats that keep your family and friends energised throughout the night.


9. LED Dance Floor & Giant LED Letters
Proving to be more popular than ever, and featured on many an Instagram wedding post, our MR & MRS giant LED Letters help create a beautiful atmosphere and provide a fantastic backdrop for numerous wedding photos. If LED lights are your thing then why not take advantage of our LED dance floor, and provide guests with a vibrant area to show off their moves.


10. Garden Games
If it is a summer garden wedding you are planning you should definitely consider the old English classic of garden games. From a classic bat and ball game to giant bouncy castles, there’s a wide range of activities that are sure to keep guests of all ages entertained throughout the day.