Ways To Display Your Prints

Have you got photos you’ve collected from photo booths at events buried in drawers or perhaps they’re hidden amongst odds and sods in your junk cupboard?

Picture Blast will upload all  your photos photos taken in their booths to their online gallery, so we appreciate how easy it is to tag your photo or save it to your phone and forget about the printed copy.

To save prints being hidden away, and to encourage you to dig out old prints, we’ve come up with some some great ideas for what you can do with them!

Frame them

We love frames and you can pick them up almost anywhere including supermarkets and homeware stores like Next and Ikea. They come in all sorts of styles, shapes and colours and are the easiest place to stick your prints. Or if you’re feeling crafty, you’ll find lots of tutorials on how to make your own frames online.

Peg them up

Why not try something a bit different with a peg frame? Hang them in your bedroom, living room or office. If your print out is a strip of different photos, why not cut and peg up each individual photo – it’ll fill your frame quicker too! (If you’re cutting up strips we also suggest writing down what the occasion was on the back).
Ways To Display Your Prints Picture Blast Photo Booth Hire

Put in your purse

Photo strips with multiple images are great for cutting down and popping in your purse/wallet. Just like passport photos of children and loved ones, you’ll smile every time you see your photo of a memorable party with your favourite people.

Stick in a journal

Keeping a gratitude journal is becoming more and more popular as it’s a great way to record what it is you’re grateful for and the positive things that have happened to you or that you have done for someone else.

Pick a photo that really makes you happy, maybe it’s because your best mates are in it, your family who you feel blessed to have, or simply because it was just an unforgettable party. Write down what it is you love about the photo and what you’re grateful for – it’s great to return to on a day you’re feeling a little low.

Put on your work desk

Once you’ve got over hump day, you can finally set your sights on the weekend and doing the things you love and spending time with the people you love. We all know Monday and Tuesday can be a struggle though so pop your favourite prints on your desk as a helpful reminder of the fun that can be had at the weekend!