We Offer Nationwide Photo Booth Hire

If you are organising an event and want your guests to really enjoy themselves and remember it for some time to come, then using a photo booth is a great way to capture all of those memories. It can give guests a physical reminder of the party or event, which for some, might be the only recollection they have of the evening! Pictures can be fun and silly, but they do make for a fantastic keepsake from any kind of event.
Photo booths are becoming more and more popular, especially for those looking to add something a little different to their event. We offer nationwide photo booth hire for parties, weddings, corporate events, and much more. They are such a good way to make memories, as well as adding another element of fun to your event. They can be a good addition for things like proms, and even team-building or corporate events.

What is a photo booth?

A photo booth helps guests to have the chance to take that ultimate selfie at an event. They don’t have to do the photo taking themselves, so there will be no more blurred images or people cropped out because arms weren’t long enough in the group picture! Hiring a photo booth is the perfect way to take a group picture, or individual ones, and they can be in any style that you want.

How you have the photo booth running is up to you. You could encourage your guests to take a photo as they arrive, and then one as they leave, or just leave it in one spot for guests to use throughout the event, as and when they please. Photo booths can just be left in a certain area of the event, and can be used whenever. So for events that are a little more flexible, rather than fully organised with activities or particular entertainment, guests can just use when they want to, or when they see their friends that they want in the photo. They’re flexible, and they’re fun, especially if you have some accessories and props for them to use as their photos are being taken. You could even have some props that are personalised to you, if you were using it at a wedding, for example.

A little bit extra

A photo booth can be specific to your needs or requests, and with props and accessories, as mentioned, it can be personalised to your event. You can even think about green screens which can be a lot of fun. Custom printing on the photos themselves can be done, as well as being able to see images online for all of your social media sharing.

Photo booth hire is available nationwide, and the photo booths themselves are packed up by our team of experts. If you think that a venue won’t be able to fit one in, then think again, as there are different styles and choices available, including different colour schemes to suit your venue and your event decor.

A photo booth is the perfect way to get plenty of pictures of your event guests having a great time, so that you can create lasting memories. Get in contact with us at Picture Blast to talk about your plans and how we can help your event to be extra special.

We Offer Nationwide Photo Booth Hire Picture Blast Photo Booth Hire