Why Having A Photo Booth At Your Wedding Is A Must

In the age of selfies and social media, so many of us are always taking photos of ourselves and our friends on all of our adventures and nights out. The same thing is happening at weddings too. But even with a professional photographer, camera phones, and disposable cameras on the tables, you can still not get all of the photos that you want, with the best quality, which is why one of the best ways to get the fun photos that you want of your and your guests at your wedding, is hiring a photo booth!

They are a really fun thing to have at your wedding. Even Kim and Kanye used wedding photo booth hire for their wedding. So why should you have one at your wedding? Here are some things to think about, to see if it can all be incorporated into your plans.

Great Entertainment

One of the number one reasons to get a photo booth at your wedding is that it can purely and simply help to entertain your guests. Weddings don’t have too many planned events or structures at the reception, so having something that guests can go to and use, as and when they want to, is good for those down times. Guests can have fun, be a little goofy, and keep themselves entertained while the food is being prepared, or official couple photographs are being taken. Time flies when you’re having fun, as the saying goes, so it can be a great thing for your guests.

Great Memories

Photo booths can print out a number of copies of different photos, so it means that everyone can get a copy of the photo. You can even have the option to have the prints seen online, which is great for social media sharing after the big day itself. All of these are great keepsakes for guests, as well as for the happy couple. Seeing who was at your wedding and the funny and silly things everyone got up to will create some great and lasting memories.

It can be Personalised

A wedding photo booth can be made specifically just for you, with different choices of colours and styles. You can also choose some specific photo props and accessories that are just for you and your wedding. Custom props can be made with the wedding name on, as well as fun things for guests to hold at the wedding. From creating your own wedding photo album to sharing pictures on social media, having them be personalised just for you and your day can be such a nice addition, and make having a photo booth really worth it.

Great Fun

At the end of the day, wedding photo booths are just great fun! They are suitable for all ages, as families with children can have a fun photo taken, as well as grandparents getting in there. Having a photo booth at your wedding is a must because it helps to provide some endless entertainment right from the beginning of the night, through to the end.